Smelting allows for certain materials to be transformed. Some ores are only useful once they have been smelted into their pure form. Smelting requires a furnace which is powered by one of several different heat sources. You can place coal, lava or wood products in the bottom part of the furnace window to power it. The ore that requires smelting is placed in the top part of window. Once a material is smelted, it appears in the right hand side of the window for you to collect.

Input >> Output
Iron Ore Iron Ingot
Gold Ore Gold Bar
Cobblestone Stone
Sand Glass
Clay Brick
Raw Porkchop Cooked Porkchop
Raw Beef Steak
Raw Chicken Cooked Chicken
Raw Fish Cooked Fish
Potato Baked Potato
Wood Charcoal
Cactus Cactus Green
Netherrack Nether Bricks
Clay Block Hardened Clay
Raw Salmon Cooked Salmon
Raw Mutton Cooked Mutton
Raw Rabbit Cooked Rabbit
Wet Sponge Sponge
Stone Brick Cracked Stone Brick

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Type Burning Time (s) Items per unit of fuel Amount needed to burn a stack of items
Coal 80 8 8
Wooden Plank 15 1.5 43
Sapling 5 0.5 128
Stick 5 0.5 128
Fence 15 1.5 43
Wooden Stairs 15 1.5 43
Wood 15 1.5 43
Crafting Table 15 1.5 43
Bookshelf 15 1.5 43
Chest 15 1.5 43
Jukebox 15 1.5 43
Note Block 15 1.5 43
Daylight Sensor 15 1.5 43
Blaze Rod 120 12 5.3
Coal Block 800 80 0.8
Lava Bucket 1000 100 1