How to Make a Trapdoor Drawbridge

Trapdoors have many different uses in Minecraft, but there is none cooler than a drawbridge. No castle or luxurious house is complete without a line of defense before the entrance.
First off, find a nice flat area for your drawbridge.
Then hollow it out a bit so you can make the trap portion of the drawbridge. If you don't want to make some kind of death pit, just dig out one block deep.
Next, build up one block above ground level. Trapdoors attach at the bottom of the block they're stuck to, so attaching them to a block one level higher than the ground puts them at the same level as you.
Now attach your trapdoor to the blocks on the side.
When you're done it should look like this.
Now, place redstone dust on top of all the blocks on the side. Note that redstone currents only travel 15 spaces, so make your drawbridge 13 spaces long or less.
Connect the wire to a lever at one side of the drawbridge.
When you flip the lever, all of the trapdoors come up.
You can do whatever you want with the drawbridge pit. You can make it into a deep pit, fill it with water, keep a creeper down there, or my personal favorite, lava.
Here's the final version I made out of sandstone for my house.

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