Image Name Affiliation Light Level Spawn Description Drops
Tamed Wolf Friendly 7+ Follows you around and will attack hostile mobs for you. Nothing
Wild Wolf Neutral 7+ Spawns in neutral packs of 1-8. It is tamed by feeding it bones. Nothing
Ocelot Passive Jungle Biomes Wild cats found in Jungle Biomes. They will sprint away if they see a player. Stand still with raw fish out to tame it. None
Cat Friendly - Tamed Ocelots. They randomly have one of three different skins when tamed. Creepers are scared of cats and will run from them. None
Horse Passive / Friendly Plains Biome

Horses can be found in plains biomes and tamed by right-clicking. It will buck you off the first few times, but eventually you will tame it. At this point, crouch and right-click to apply a saddle. Horses have traits and variations, and these traits can be passed along through breeding. Donkeys and Mules (two variations of horses) can carry chests.

0-2 Leather
Rabbit Passive/ Friendly


Rabbits are passive creatures that can be tamed with carrots. There is a .01% chance that a hostile rabbit will spawn as the 'Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog'.

Rabbit Hide, Raw Rabbit, Rabbit's Foot
Iron Golem Neutral In NPC villages

Iron Golems protect villages from monsters. They will automatically spawn when there are 15 or more villagers in a house/houses. Players can create them similar to Snow Golems, by making a t-shape out of iron blocks and a pumpkin for the head.

3-5 Iron Ingots, 0-3 Poppies
Snow Golem Friendly - They are created by placing two snow blocks and a pumpkin above them. They walk around and throw snowballs at hostile mobs. They melt in warm biomes. Snowballs
Villager Passive In NPC villages

Villagers are found in the various houses of NPC villages. Their robe color signifies their role. You can trade with them by right-clicking. Emeralds are the currency they use and the trades they offer are based on their profession.

  • White Apron= Butcher
  • Brown Robe = Farmer
  • White Robe = Librarian
  • Purple Robe = Priest
  • Black Apron = Smith
  • Green Robe = Generic Villager
  • Nothing
    Zombie Pigman Neutral Any Appears in the Nether or when a pig is hit by lightning. When attacked, it will summon all nearby zombie pigmen to attack. Cooked Porkchops, Gold Nuggets
    Pig Passive 9+ Appears on grass during the day. You can ride a pig with a saddle. Raw Porkchops (1-3)
    Sheep Passive 9+ Sheep can appear as five different colors: White, Black, Gray, Light Gray, Brown and Pink. Raw Mutton, Wool (same color as the sheep)
    Cow Passive 9+ Appears on grass during the day. Leather, Milk, Raw Beef
    Chicken Passive 9+ Appears on grass during the day or occasionally from thrown eggs. Chickens take no fall damage. They lay eggs at random intervals. Feathers, Eggs, Raw Chicken
    Squid Passive Any Squid are the only aquatic mob in the game. They spawn at any light level and any water depth. Ink Sac
    Mooshroom Passive 9 or higher on Mycelium Cows found in Mushroom Biomes. When sheared they turn into normal cows and drop red mushrooms. Mushroom stew can be milked from them. Leather, Raw Beef , Red Mushrooms, Mushroom Stew
    Zombie Hostile 7 or less Zombies appear at night and in dark caves. They burn when exposed to daylight. Zombies also drop Iron Ingots, Carrots and Potatos rarely. Rotten Flesh
    Skeleton Hostile 7 or less Skeletons use ranged attacks. They burn in daylight. Bones, Arrows, Bow
    Spider Hostile/Neutral 7 or less Spiders are hostile at night, but neutral during the day. String, Spider Eye
    Creeper Hostile 7 or less Creepers spawn at night and in poorly lit areas. They do not burn up in daylight. Creepers blow up when they are near players. Gunpowder
    Enderman Passive/Hostile 7 or less Endermen pick up and move blocks randomly. They are passive unless the player looks directly at them, and then they become hostile. Water damages Endermen and wearing a pumpkin helmet keeps them from becoming aggressive. Ender Pearl
    Enderdragon Hostile In "The End" A large dragon found in The End (The Ender Dimension). There is only one Enderdragon per world. None
    Blaze Hostile Nether (any) They light on fire and then launch three fireballs at the player. Blaze Rod
    Magma Cube Hostile/Neutral Nether (any) Fire slimes found in the Nether. Magma Cream
    Wither Hostile Manually spawned

    The Wither is the second boss mob added to the game. It is summoned by placing Wither Skeleton heads and Soul Sand into the pattern below. The Wither will attack any creatures in range.

    Nether Star
    Wither Skeleton Hostile Nether Fortress

    Wither Skeletons spawn in Nether Fortresses and drop the heads needed to summon the Wither.

    Coal, Bones, Wither Skeleton Head
    Witch Hostile Witch Huts or light less than 7

    Witches attack players by throwing potions. They resemble villagers but with a wart on the nose that floats around.

    Glass Bottle, Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder, Potion of Water Breathing, Redstone Dust, Spider Eye, Stick, Sugar, Water Bottle
    Bat Neutral Large open areas with less than 10 light

    Bats generally spawn in caves. When they aren't flying around, they hang upside down on blocks.

    Slime Hostile/Passive Any light level (Ground level 16 or below in large caverns) Slimes come in four different sizes. The smallest slimes do no damage to the player. They only spawn in specific chunks. Slimeballs
    Silverfish Hostile Spawn from block ID 97 Silverfish occasionally drop out of blocks a player is mining and attacks them. None
    Cave Spider Hostile/Neutral 7 or less They spawn in Abandoned Mine Shafts. Their attacks slowly poison you. String, Spider Eye
    Ghast Hostile Any (Nether) Ghasts fly around in the Nether. They shoot fireballs which can be deflected by shooting them with an arrow. Gunpowder, Ghast Tear
    Guardian Hostile

    Ocean Monuments

    Guardians are hostile mobs that spawn in Ocean Monuments. They attack by firing a laser at the player. Guardians also have spikes on their bodies that damage the player when they take damage.

    Raw Fish, Prismarine Crystals, Prismarine Shard
    Elder Guardian Hostile

    Ocean Monuments

    The Elder Guardian spawns three times in specific areas in an Ocean Monument. It has the same attacks as regular Guardians, but inflicts mining fatigue.

    Raw Fish, Prismarine Crystals, Prismarine Shard, Wet Sponge
    Endermite Hostile Enderman teleports or Ender Pearl thrown Endermites have a chance of spawning when an Enderman teleports or an Ender Pearl is thrown. None
    Spider Jockey Hostile 7 or less Spiders have a 1% chance to spawn as a Spider Jockey. They are treated as a combination of spider and skeleton, with two different health bars. String, Arrows, Bones
    Chicken Jockey Hostile 7 or less Baby zombies or baby pigmen have a 5% chance to spawn as a Chicken Jockey. They are treated as a combination of chicken and zombie/pigmen, with two different health bars. Rotten Flesh, Feathers, Eggs, Raw Chicken