Ore Blocks Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, Diamond Gems, Lapis Lazuli Dyes, Emeralds, Redstone, Coal Used for decoration or to store minerals. It can be broken down into its base elements.
Glowstone BlocksGlowstone Dust Emits light, even underwater. Yields 2-4 glowstone dust when broken down.
WoolString Used for building and other recipes. It can be harvested from sheep.
TNTGunpowder+Sand Creates a small explosion.
SlabsStone, Sandstone, Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Stone Brick, Brick, Netherbrick, Sandstone, Quartz A half-block.
StairsWooden Planks, Cobblestone, Stone Brick, Brick, Nether Brick, Sandstone, Quartz Allows for rapid climbing.
Snow BlocksSnowballs Building material. Forms a Snow Golem when 2 blocks and a Pumpkin are stacked.
Clay BlocksClay Building material. Can be smelted to form Hardened Clay
Brick BlocksClay Bricks Building material.
Stone Brick Stone Stone brick that is found in strongholds.
BookshelfWooden Planks+Books Decoration. Increases the power of Enchantment Tables near it.
SandstoneSand Building material.
Melon Block Melon Slice Makes slices back into a melon block.
Jack-O-LanternPumpkin+Torch Emits more light than a torch. Stays lit underwater.
Redstone Lamp Redstone Dust + Glowstone Block A light source that turns on or off based on whether it is receiving a redstone signal.
QuartzNether Quartz Building material.
NetherbrickNether Bricks Building material.
Hay Bale Wheat Hay bales are used for decoration and can be fed to horses.
Stained Clay Hardened Clay + Dye Decoration.
Stained Glass Glass + Dye Colored glass that can be dyed any color.