--This material is now version 1.0--

New in 1.9

Nether Brick Fence Nether Brick Fence made of Nether Brick
Nether Brick Stairs Nether Brick Stairs made of Nether Brick
Gold Ingot Gold Nuggets Makes a gold bar.
Bottle Glass Used for brewing potions.
Blaze Powder Blaze Rod Possibly used for Alchemy. Eye of Ender
Magma Cream Slimeball + Blaze Powder Possibly used for Alchemy.
Fermented Spider Eye Spider Eye + Brown Mushroom + Sugar Possibly used for Alchemy.
Brewing Stand Blaze Rod + Cobblestone Used for brewing potions.
Enchantment Table Obsidian + Diamond + Book Enchants weapons and armor.
Cauldron Iron Stores water.
Eye of Ender Ender Pearl+ Blaze Powder Restores Air Portal Frames.
Glistering Melon Melon Slice+ Gold Nugget Used in potions.


Image Name Affiliation Light Level Spawn Description Drops
Mooshroom Passive 9 or higher on Mycelium Cows found in Mushroom Biomes. When sheared they turn into normal cows and drop red mushrooms. Mushroom stew can be milked from them. Leather, Raw Beef , Red Mushrooms, Mushroom Stew
Enderdragon Hostile In "The End" A large dragon found in The End (The Ender Dimension). There is only one Enderdragon per world and at the moment it is unkillable. None
Villager Passive In NPC villages

Villagers are found in the various houses of NPC villages. Their robe color signifies their role.

  • White Apron= Butcher
  • Brown Robe = Farmer
  • White Robe = Librarian
  • Purple Robe = Priest
  • Black Apron = Smith
  • Green Robe = Generic Villager
  • Nothing
    Snow Golem Friendly - They are created by placing two snow blocks and a pumpkin above them. They walk around and throw snowballs at hostile mobs. They melt in warm biomes. Snowballs
    Blaze Hostile Nether (any) They light on fire and then launch three fireballs at the player. Blaze Rod
    Magma Cube Hostile/Neutral Nether (any) Fire slimes found in the Nether. None
    Ghast Hostile Any (Nether) Ghasts now also drop Ghast Tears. Gunpowder, Ghast Tears
    Zombie Pigman Neutral Any Zombie pigmen now also drop Gold Nuggets. Cooked Porkchops, Gold Nugget

    New Items

    IconName Data Value Description Uses
    Nether Brick 112 Found in nether ruins. Nether Brick Fences, Nether Brick Stairs
    Nether Brick Fence 113 Fence made of nether brick. Fence
    Nether Brick Stairs 114 Stairs made of nether brick. Stairs
    Enchantment Table 116 Enchants weapons and armor. Enchants
    Brewing Stand 117 Used for brewing potions. Potion making
    Cauldron 118 Originally used for brewing potions. It now stores water until Jeb finds it another use. None
    End Portal Frame 120 Found around lava pits in Strongholds. Ender Eyes can repair cracked versions of this block. Believed to be the portal to the new dimension. It acts like Glowstone when placed. None
    Blaze Rod 369 Drops from Blazes. None
    Ghast Tear 370 Drops from Ghasts. None
    Gold Nugget 371 Drops from Zombie Pigmen. Gold Ingots
    Nether Wart 372 Found in Nether Ruins. Grows on Soul Sand. None
    Eye of Ender 381 Repairs Air Portal Frames. Repairs Air Portal Frames
    Spider Eye 375 Can be eaten but causes 3 hearts of damage. Drops from Spiders and Cave Spiders. Fermented Spider Eye
    Glistering Melon 382 Used to make Instant Health potions. Potions
    Music Discs 2258-2266

    There are several new music discs in 1.9.

    • 2258 = Blocks
    • 2259 = Chirp
    • 2260 = Far
    • 2261 = Mall
    • 2262 = Mellohi
    • 2263 = Stal
    • 2264 = Strad
    • 2265 = Ward
    • 2266 = 11


    Repairs Air Portal Frames
    Mycelium 110 A type of grass found in mushroom biomes. It drops a dirt block when broken. Mooshrooms spawn on Mycelium. None
    Lily Pad 111 Found on the water in swamp biomes. Can be picked up but can only be placed in shallow swamp water. Decoration
    End Stone 121 Makes up the floor of The End dimension None