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New in 1.6

Hay Bale Wheat Hay bales are used for decoration and can be fed to horses.
Lead String + Slimeball Right click a passive mob to tie the lead to it and it will follow you. You can right click again to tie it to a fence.
Coal Block Coal Can be used in a furnace and it is slightly more efficient.
Carpet Wool Carpet is as thick as a pressure plate and can be used to decorate floors more efficiently than wool. Both blocks must be the same color, and carpet comes in all of the color variations.
Stained Clay Hardened Clay + Dye Decoration.
Golden Apple Apple + Gold Ingots The recipe now requires Gold Ingots instead of Gold Nuggets
Glistering Melon Melon + Gold Nuggets The recipe now requires 8 Gold Nuggets instead of 1


Image Name Affiliation Spawn Description Drops
Horse Passive/Friendly Plains Biome

Horses can be found in plains biomes and tamed by right-clicking. It will buck you off the first few times, but eventually you will tame it. At this point, crouch and right-click to apply a saddle. Horses have traits and variations, and these traits can be passed along through breeding. Donkeys and Mules (two variations of horses) can carry chests.


New Items

IconName Data Value Description Uses
Horse Armor 417-419 Horse armor can be found in 3 types, iron, gold and diamond. They are found in dungeon chests and reduce the amount of damage your horse takes. It has unlimited durability. Armor
Name Tag 421 Name tags are found in dungeon chests and can rename any mob except for the Enderdragon and adult Villagers. The name tag can be used in an anvil to set the name, and then right clicked on a mob to apply the name to the mob. Naming mobs