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New in 1.4

Beacon Obsidian + Glass + Nether Star When placed on top of a pyramid made of diamond, emerald, gold or iron blocks, it casts a beam of light down from the sky. It will provide buffs to players near it.
Anvil Iron Ingot + Block of Iron Allows players to repair and rename items as well as combining enchants. Anvils have gravity and cause damage when they fall.
Flower Pot Bricks A decorative block that holds saplings, mushrooms, cacti, flowers, ferns and dead bushes.
Cobblestone Walls Cobblestone or Moss Stone Acts similar to fences.
Item Frame Sticks + Leather Displays items on a wall. Right click the frame to place the item in your hand in the frame.
Golden Carrot Gold Nuggets + Carrot Restores 3 food points. Used to brew Potion of Night Vision.
Carrot on a Stick Fishing Rod + Carrot Used to control saddled pigs.
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin + Sugar + Egg Restores 4 food points.
Button Stone The button recipe now only requires 1 stone.
Wooden Button Wooden Plank Can be activated by arrows.


Image Name Affiliation Light Level Spawn Description Drops
Wither Hostile Manually spawned

The Wither is the second boss mob added to the game. It is summoned by placing Wither Skeleton heads and Soul Sand into the pattern below. The Wither will attack any creatures in range.

Nether Star
Wither Skeleton Hostile Nether Fortress

Wither Skeletons spawn in Nether Fortresses and drop the heads needed to summon the Wither.

Coal, Bones, Wither Skeleton Head
Witch Hostile Swamp (Witch Huts)

Witches attack players by throwing potions. They resemble villagers but with a wart on the nose that floats around.

Glass Bottle, Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder, Redstone Dust, Spider Eye, Stick, Sugar, Water Bottle
Bat Neutral Large open areas with less than 10 light

Bats generally spawn in caves. When they aren't flying around, they hang upside down on blocks.


New Items

IconName Data Value Description Uses
Command Block 137 Runs server commands (like teleporting, time changing) when given a redstone pulse. Click here for a full list information regarding commands. Server commands
Potato 393 Found in villages and rarely from zombies. Occasionally when harvesting, a poisonous potato will drop, which gives a poison debuff. Can be cooked to make a Baked Potato. Food, Baked Potato
Carrot 391 Found in villages and rarely from zombies. Golden Carrot, Carrot on a Stick
Head 397 Currently only the Wither Skeleton head drops naturally, while the others are found in the Creative menu. They are placeable on the ground and wearable. Spawning Wither
Nether Star 399 Drops from the Wither. Beacon